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What we offer...

BiSoga has many cool and useful features! Below is a complete list of all the goodies we offer for free!

Fast URL Shortener

Long links are bad. They look annoying and are sometimes, well, just too long... So why not use one of the best URL shorteners with many fun domains?

Forever-Lasting File Host

Sometimes you can't upload a file directly to your specified location. So why not use a link instead? Host any type of file up to 8MB on here! (no nsfw)

Spectacular Image Sharer

You like memes? Of course you do. That's why we made the image sharer! Use the image sharer to share memes, funny pictures, and amazing gifs! (no nsfw)

Amazing Pastebin

Need to share a lot of text? Use the BiSoga Pastebin to share code, text and anything else your little keyboard can type. (no personal info)


Support Us

BiSoga's extra domains aren't free. Support us with many fun donation options so we can keep offering BiSoga's main features for free. Donations are not required nor expected but are very appreciated!
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