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What we offer

BiSoga has many cool and useful features! Below is a complete list of all the goodies we offer for free!

URL Shortener

Long links are bad. They look annoying and are sometimes, well, just too long... So why not use a great URL shortener with many fun domains?

File Host

Upload any file (up to 8mb) and get a cool link that you can use anywhere! Use it when you can't directly upload a file or you just want a cool link with a fun domain.


Need to share a lot of text? Use the BiSoga Pastebin to share code, text and anything else you can type.

Using BiSoga

There are many ways to use BiSoga so you can quickly use it whenever you need!


Use the BiSoga URL shortener, file host, and pastebin in your browser, right on this page! No login required!


Automatically upload screenshots and copy the link, and quickly shorten URLs, using ShareX!

Discord Bot

Quickly shorten links and upload files in Discord, by using our bot in a server or DMs!
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Support Us


It's not free to run BiSoga or provide our fun domains. Support us with many donation options so we can keep offering BiSoga's features for free. Donations are not required nor expected but are very much appreciated!

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Before advertising, please DM WHASonYT#0735 on Discord or email [email protected].

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